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Bernier Bois Franc is a family business located in Lambton, Quebec. The company was founded in 1934 by Adjutor Bernier.

Bernier Bois Franc specializes in hardwood sawing. The team’s experience and the latest industrial equipment enables to offer a superior-quality product to local and international customers. Consistency and tight quality control are two important advantages of Bernier Bois Franc’s product quality guarantee.

With 85 years of experience, this third-generation family business is proud of the long-term relationships it has built with its suppliers and customers. To honour the trust that customers have in the company, Bernier Bois Franc is constantly evolving to offer services and products that meet the highest quality standards.

Our History


Mr. Adjutor Bernier set up the first steam sawmill. The sawmill prepared farmer's lumber and made spindle wood.


Mr. Bernier decided to build a sawmill in the village of Lambton after having had several portable sawmills in the area.


Adjutor Bernier joins forces with his sons, Sarto, Yvon and Jean, to ensure the smooth operation of the sawmill.


A brand-new and innovative sawmill was built.


Another sawmill was built to saw hardwood and pine.


An investment of $1.5 million to install an automatic sorting line.


Yvon Bernier became the sole shareholder of all the companies. Mona, his daughter, and Florent, his son-in-law, supported him in the respective sectors of administration and production.


The hardwood production facilities are renamed Bernier Bois Franc Inc.


The acquisition of a vertical resaw and a completed automation system that could double Bernier Bois Franc's production.


Acquisition of a special debarker, a metal detector and a horizontal multiple saw.


Acquisition of automatic log carriage with integrated log turner and double cut band saw. Acquisition of a computerized measuring system and a classification system that printed special labels on each piece of wood to facilitate the sorting work


In order to meet the market demand, Bernier Bois Franc built a new complementary sawmill with a computer-controlled double resaw system, multiple saw with edger and trimming machine with integrated board turner. Following the sudden death of Yvon Bernier at the age of 67, Mona and Florent take over the compagny's management.


A dust collector and a fan, used to clean and change the air of the plant, have been added to the Bernier Bois Franc facilities to provide a healthier environment for its employees.


To facilitate its staking operations, BBF is installing an automatic bin sorter. A new building is being erected to accommodate the equipment.


Improvements and investments are made regularly on our equipment and are designed to improve the quality of production and the well-being of all our employees.

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